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 I hope everyone is well, staying safe and is practicing “social distancing”. The COVID-19 outbreak has affected everyone from people being laid off from their jobs, businesses closing and a large number of
Americans contracting this awful virus. As all of know, in NYS, Governor Cuomo has closed down bowling alleys as well as many other businesses in an effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

***** The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) has postponed or suspended scheduled national events due to concerns about COVID-19. Additionally, until further notice, USBC is suspending staff travel unless travel is deemed mission critical to the organization ******

****** Based on recent developments within New York State in regards to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the NYS USBC has determined that in the best interest of our membership and the local communities we are cancelling all NYS USBC tournaments (youth and adult) scheduled for the remainder of the 2020 bowling season, which ends on July 31st ******

Each league will now need to make a decision of their own leagues cancelling or postponing. Below is a link to a flyer from USBC with some guidelines for all leagues to follow. Please adhere to these guidelines so that you do not have issues with the bowlers moving forward. When you start to make these decisions, please remember when cancelling, this will affect your prize funds. All aspects of cancelling of the season need to be addressed which include any financial changes to the prize funds as well as working with your proprietor with any financial obligations, if applicable.

I hope that all leagues can work together along with the proprietors to make fair decisions for everyone involved.

Please reach out to a board member at any time with any questions.



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