Auburn Bowling Association was formed Tuesday, April 30 1935 with the following officers being elected – President – Kirk Bowen, 1st Vice-President – Wesley Ward, 2nd Vice President – James Dillon, 3rd Vice-President – Adam Leja, 4th Vice-President – Harold Appleby, Treasurer – Harold Signor, Secretary – Matthew P. Cheche, Directors – Charles Romig, Edward Secaur, Clarence Heieck, and Charles Sager.

The Association started with 3 bowling establishments and the following leagues sanctioned the first season:

At The Imperials with 16 lanes owned by Curtis and King.


K-C League (12 Teams): President – Joseph O’Donnell, Secretary – David Tracy

Commercial League (16 Teams): President – Harry Markson, Secretary – James Dillon

Firth Carpet League (10 Teams): President – Walter Cole, Secretary – Harold Appleby

Civic League (10 Teams): President – Al Vandenburg, Secretary – Charles Amidon

Central N.Y. A & P League (6 Teams): President – Samuel Zanwick, Secretary – C.L. Sager

Masonic League (12 Teams): President – Sidney Aubin, Secretary – F. Hollingshead

Elks League (6 Teams): President – Charles Dowd, Secretary – C.E. Hathaway

Imperial Major League (8 Teams): President – William Bouley, Secretary – Nate Jones

At Skaneateles Lanes with 2 lanes owned by the Masonic Club, Harry Bailey – Manager

Skaneateles Bowling League (10 Teams): President – Charles Fisher, Secretary – Hobart Weeks

At Falcon Club 4 lanes owned by Polish Falcons

Independent League (8 Teams): President – Ben Montgomery, Secretary – Clarence Heieck

Falcon League (8 Teams): President – Frank Sicora, Secretary – Walter Dyrda

City League (16 Teams): President – Ben Montgomery, Secretary – Charles Romig

Total of 122 five man teams for the first year.