History (written in 1970)

The Junior Bowling Program was first started in Auburn in 1963. It was started at the Auburn Bowling Center with the help of the late Steve Tarby and Aus Donavan. Nancy VanDuyne had a group of forty (40) boys and Agnes Burns had a group of thirty (30) girls. This was the ground work for the Auburn Junior Bowling Association.

In 1964 the Auburn Junior Bowling Association was formed. This was a Sanctioned Program for junior bowlers. The officers for the first junior bowling association were as following,

President  – Agnes Burns

Vice-President – Robert Smith

Secretary/Treasurer – Max Galutia

Board Of Directors

William Wallace    Nancy VanDuyne     Thomas Kirkwood     Betty Bellerdine     Roland Sennett      Stella Plis    Howard Lawver    Ethel Hoistad

Associate Directors

Austin Donavan   James Vivenzio

Moravia was the first area to have a sanctioned junior bowling program. Edward Adams was the founder of the Moravia Junior Bowling Association, which was started in 1958. Betty Parker who had charge of the high school bowling leagues from 1966 to 1967. Moravia was all alone until 1965, when Moravia joined the Auburn Junior Bowling Association. In the 1959-1960 season, two Moravia girls came in third in the National Christmas Tournament via telegraph.

The Auburn Junior Bowling Association have junior bowling programs at the following lanes in Auburn –  Polish Falcon Lanes, Cayuga Lanes, Starlite Lanes, Sicz Lanes, Polish Home Lanes, U.N.C. Lanes, Modern House Lanes (Moravia), Rainbow Lanes (Weedsport), Cedar House Lanes (Skaneateles).

This year Beryl Crofut is starting a junior league in the Jordan High School.

In the 1968-1969 season there were 596 sanctioned bowlers in the Auburn Junior Bowling Association. Last year in the 1969-1970 season there were 704 sanctioned junior bowlers in the Auburn Association, an increase of 108 bowlers. This year in the 1970-1971 season we expect to have more bowlers than ever. Anyone interested in joining a junior bowling league, contact any of the lanes and sign up. The season will probably start about the middle of September. Last year there were 19 junior bowling leagues in the association.

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Jr Masters Qualifying Results

 Jr Masters Results 2nd Weekend

2020 Junior Masters Finals (3rd Weekend) Results


Saturday February 29 th , 2020 @ Falcon Lanes

Losers Bracket @ 1:00pm (2 Eliminated):
Nicholas Balog- 599 vs. Michael Jesmer- 631
Matthew Fritz- 665 vs. James Wilkes- 617

Losers Bracket @ 2:30pm (1 Eliminated):
Michael Jesmer- 621 vs. Matthew Fritz- 640

Winners Bracket @ 2:30:
Parker Miller- 617 vs. Mathew Mosher- 724 (Mathew Mosher- Winners Bracket Champ for

Sunday March 1 st , 2020 @ Falcon Lanes

Losers Bracket @ 12:00pm (1 Eliminated):
Matthew Fritz- 621 vs. Parker Miller- 561 (Matthew Fritz- Losers Bracket Champ for Finals)

Finals @ 1:00pm:
Mathew Mosher- 690 vs. Mathew Fritz- 633
(Winners Bracket) (Losers Bracket)

Final Results:
1 st Place: Mathew Mosher
2 nd Place: Matthew Fritz
3 rd Place: Parker Miller
4 th Place: Michael Jesmer



2020 Junior Masters Finals (3rd Weekend) Results:


Saturday February 29 th , 2020 @ Falcon Lanes

Losers Bracket @ 1:00pm (2 Eliminated):
Colleen Jump- 519 vs. Emily Iversen- 454
Keri Jesmer- 543 vs. Makayla Smith- 659

Losers Bracket @ 2:30pm (1 Eliminated):
Colleen Jump- 522 vs. Makayla Smith- 604

Winners Bracket @ 2:30pm:
Kaylee Hodson- 627 vs. Amber Pidlypchak- 597 (Kaylee Hodson- Winners Bracket Champ)

Sunday March 1 st , 2020 @ Falcon Lanes

Losers Bracket @ 12:00pm:
Makayla Smith- 524 vs. Amber Pidlypchak- 604 (Amber Pidlypchak- Losers Bracket Champ)

Finals @ 1:00pm:
Kaylee Hodson- 645 vs. Amber Pidlypchak- 603
(Winners Bracket) (Losers Bracket)

Final Results:
1 st Place: Kaylee Hodson
2 nd Place: Amber Pidlypchak
3 rd Place: Makayla Smith
4 th Place: Colleen Jump

Sponsored by: RMAZ Awards, Auburn Youth Bowling, USBC
Tournament Directors: John & Jordan Betts
Proprietors: Starlite Lanes, Cedar House Lanes, & Falcon Lanes